How to get an Auto Restoration done?

Auto restoration is one of the most time consuming jobs but the end results are rewarding. Many car enthusiasts get a classic car restored on their own but it asks for professional expertise.How Auto Restoration Works - Denver, Co at The Metal Surgeon

At The Metal Surgeon, you can bring classic cars in the worst shape and get them transformed. Transforming an old rusted car into a classic vehicle is an art. Therefore, it is intelligent to hand over your car to the best auto restoration shop in the city.

  • To begin the process of auto restoration the owner must know the condition of the car. The condition of the car will enable us to decide the level of restoration needed.
  • Next, you should carefully inspect your car from every corner to decide whether it is worth the restoration cost and time.
  • After the inspection is done you will know if the car is solid or the frame needs to be replaced. A few rusted parts can be repaired but the whole rusted frame would crumble.
  • Next you have to decide whether you want to take up the project yourself or need professional help. It is highly recommended to get your car restored at an auto restoration shop.

The Metal Surgeon has the best state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained mechanics to serve you.


The Levels of Auto Restoration

There are four main levels of Auto Restoration which you can get done to your car.

  • The Daily Driver Restoration: The driver restoration is the very basic level of auto restoration. This type of auto restoration brings a car back in an operable and fully functional condition. This includes minor cosmetic changes and some parts replacement.
  • Street Show Restoration:  This type of auto restoration involves major cosmetic repairs so that a car is ready to hit the street. This level also requires body work to get the car in running condition.
  • Show Car Restoration: This level of auto restoration is mainly for a classic car restoration. It requires a professional approach to restore the car back. The work of restoration and labor quality will be high.
  • Concours: This is the highest level of auto restoration which can only be done by professionals. It requires full body work and parts replacement. This level of restoration is for cars or automobiles intended for auto shows and private collections.


How Auto Restoration Works - Denver, Co at The Metal Surgeon

Why Choose an Auto Restoration Shop

It is very important to choose the best auto restoration shop for your classic car restoration.  We have many cars come to us from other shops where the car sat untouched for months, or the metal work was done improperly.  When you are searching for an auto restoration shop remember to do the following-

  • Visit the shop in person. Look at what the quality of work is on the cars they are working currently.  Check out what equipment they have.
  • Look for the reviews of previous customers and talk to the team members of the auto restoration shop you have chosen. You can view The Metal Surgeon’s completed projects to get a better idea of what our standards are.  We are happy to provide references!
  • Get a written estimate.  We provide free estimates, based on what we can see.  Once the car is media blasted, we sometimes need to update the estimate based on what is hiding underneath paint and undercoating.  We also keep our customers updated with the progress photos of their auto restoration project.

At The Metal Surgeon our goal for getting your car restored, is an enjoyable and satisfying experience.