The Importance of Car Fenders

Car fenders are an important accessory for your car which you can get installed at an auto restoration shop. Many cars and trucks have pre-installed fender flares but they are an additional cost to your final price.

At The Metal Surgeon, you can get custom fender flares for your automobile. Fenders are an intricate sheet of metal covering the wheel well of your car. You can get car fenders installed easily at our auto restoration shop in Denver.

Fenders are designed in a manner to provide resistance against wind and other roadside debris. When you travel on rough terrains your vehicle might get minor scratches and dents which look no better. Frequent road bumps can cause your car’s paint to chip off which needs a paint job done. The Metal surgeon also has provision for paint job if you want a perfect finish for your car.

If you think practically car fenders are essential for your car. And the metal surgeon makes the best car fenders out of metal. We make custom car fenders of different sizes and styles and can be painted as well. All of this at just one place- The Metal Surgeon.

Car Fenders, Fender Flares Repair & Restoration, CO at The Metal Surgeon

Car Fenders: Front and Rear

The car fenders are located on either side of the front and rear wheels. Custom car fenders made from metal complement the overall look of your car.

The front car fenders begin where the front door hinges run and end just before the bumper. The rear car fenders begin where the back doors close and terminate before the back bumpers.

The car fenders whether front or rear covers the wheel and tire assembly of the car. The car fenders designed by our skilled mechanics fit perfectly to your car and protect it. A perfectly fitted car fender provides protection against excess mud and wet.

At our auto restoration shop, you can get car fenders for different cars and models. You can take a deeper insight of our completed projects. Even if you want classic car fenders we can design them for you.

We offer various cost-effective auto restoration services including customized car fenders. You can get your original car fenders replaced with more stylish fender flares at our restoration shop.

We create car fenders out of metals as they offer the best protection at the time of the collision.

Car Fenders, Fender Flares Repair & Restoration, CO at The Metal Surgeon

Get your Car Fenders Today

You can save time by bringing your car to our auto restoration shop to get car fenders. You can send pictures of your car on which you want fender flares installed. You can drive your car to our auto restoration shop and leave it with us.

You can explain to us your requirements about what kind of car fenders you want. Share with us your budget so that we can provide you the different options we have. We will do the installation of your car fenders at the best affordable price.

We will keep you informed about each step of the installation procedure. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the quality of our work.

Schedule your appointment today to get your custom car fenders.