Car Restoration
Services For Your Classic Or Vintage Auto

The Metal Surgeon has a car restoration workshop located in Denver, Colorado that contains equipment and skilled professionals necessary for a complete ‘frame off’ car restoration

About Us

I have 21 years of experience in shaping aircraft and automotive materials from the flat to all desired shapes. My expertise using the English Wheel has led to jobs for many design houses in England, Europe, and now the USA. I am now located in Denver, Colorado as a custom metal worker with my own fully equipped workshop.


I served a 4-year engineering apprenticeship with Jaguar in Coventry, England. My first project involved the XJ220: an all aluminum-bodied supercar, which held the crown of ‘Worlds Fastest Production Car for 3 years, until being taken over by the stylish Mclaren F1. The XJ220’s panels were initially all hand-formed until a low volume run where they were part pressed and then finished by hand.

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We Offer The Following Classic Car Restoration Services

Metal Fabrication – Aluminum and Steel

Metal Fabrication – Aluminum and Steel

Custom or 'one off' panels Complete car body build (body in white) in aluminum or steel Custom shape work Recreating or copying an original panel (for those panels/fenders/etc that you cannot buy reproductions).



AC/DC TIG welding (aluminum or steel) Oxygen acetylene gas welding MIG welding.



We work with several vendors who can provide different levels of finish, tailored to your unique project.



Rivet work, solid riveting aluminum, copper, steel, etc. All chassis mechanical work - brake/suspension conversions and rebuilds. Electrical - installation or problem solving. Air ride installation - including tanks, bags, sensors, compressor Engine swaps - LS motor, Coyote motor, Chevy 350.

Precision Body Finishing

Precision Body Finishing

Metal finishing - eliminate body filler and rescue original panels. Lead work - we have over 20 years of experience lead loading.


Classic Porsche Experts

We have restored many award-winning 356 coupes, cabriolets, and speedsters. We also specialize in early 911s. We are passionate about getting every detail factory correct, or going all out with a custom outlaw setup.

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Connect With The Metal Surgeon in Denver!

Share Your Project

Step - 1

Share Your Project

Send photos of your project to Valerie@TheMetalSurgeon.com. Focus on the areas that require attention. If you’re local and your vehicle is drivable, feel free to schedule an in-person visit.

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Step - 2

Discuss Your Vision

Let’s talk about your goals for the project. We’ll then provide you with a ballpark estimate. We’re flexible and can offer various options to align with your budget.

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Step - 3

Secure Your Spot

If you’re impressed with our approach, we’ll reserve a spot for your project on our waitlist. For local projects, we can conduct an in-person inspection.

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Step - 4

Stay Informed

As your scheduled slot approaches, we’ll keep you updated and informed about the progress.

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Project Management

Whether your vintage car is a daily driver or a show quality concourse vehicle, we can cater to your car restoration budget.


We like to keep our clients informed of every step that is taken on their cars. Our primary goal is to get your classic car repaired or customized in line with your vision. Regular assessments and appraisals of the agreed work remaining will take place at the interval you feel comfortable with. Clients are always welcome to drop by the shop and take a look.


Shop rate is $115/hour. Materials and parts that we purchase are marked up 15%.


Clients are invoiced every two weeks or every month. Each invoice is detailed explaining every task undertaken and performed. Invoices are accompanied by photos documenting work completed. Photos are taken daily of each project.

Customer Reviews

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying Our Services

Grabber Blue

Very pleased with this company, yes, it is a bit of a wait to get in but worth it. It is one of the few places in town that uses actual spot welding equipment rather than duplicating a spot weld for the older cars. I had multiple areas on my 1970 mustang repaired or replaced and the results were very good.

Mike Palamara

I had minor damage to the bottom of my mini. The guys at The Metal Surgeon exceeded all of my expectations. They were able to get me in ahead of schedule, super quick turnaround AND the final bill came under the estimate. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. They are incredible and more importantly their work is incredible!

Brady Norris

Very high quality, professional welding skills. Great reproduction and attention to detail. John and Valerie are warm, friendly people.

Car Restoration – FAQs

Whether it’s your daily driver or a show-worthy classic, The Metal Surgeon respects your budget.
We prioritize aligning our work with your vision. You’ll stay informed at every step, with regular assessments to match your comfort.
Feel free to visit our shop and witness the progress firsthand.

At The Metal Surgeon, we believe in transparency. Our shop rate is $115 per hour, with a modest 15% markup on materials and parts.
We bill you every two weeks or monthly, as per your preference. Each invoice provides a detailed breakdown of completed tasks, complemented by daily project photos.
Trust in our commitment to clear, trustworthy service that restores your car and peace of mind.

You Can Trust Your Ride

Why The Metal Surgeon Is One Denver Car Restoration Services Provider You Can Trust Your Ride With?

With over two decades of experience in crafting automotive materials, we boast unparalleled expertise in car restoration. From classic to vintage, muscle to European cars, our craftsmanship is unmatched.


We offer a wide range of services, from custom bodywork and precision metal finishing to paint restoration, mechanical/electrical work, and more. Your car receives comprehensive care under one roof.


We understand the value of authenticity and believe in clear, honest communication. Our transparent billing and regular project updates, complete with daily photographs, give you peace of mind throughout the restoration journey.


At The Metal Surgeon, we’re not just restoring cars; we’re preserving history and passion. Every project is a testament to bespoke excellence in the world of automotive craftsmanship.

Contact Us Today, and let’s bring your automotive vision to life.