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Advantages of Fender Flares

The advantages of fender flares are many, however most clients buy for one of four reasons:

  • To add styling to a stock car
  • To comply with the law if the client has huge tires
  • To hide rust or body dents around the wheel well
  • To replace damaged flares on the car fenders


So what are the laws with respect to fender flares? It relies upon the state you run your vehicle in, yet the general necessity is that your fender flares need to, at any event, should sufficiently be able to cover the tread on your tires. A few states may require the flares to cover the full tire. Apart from protection, they also serve as a protection to the car fenders and hence should always be used.


The purpose behind a law enforces use of fender flares is that tires frequently throw street debris and small loose rocks while you’re driving on streets. You wouldn’t need your big tires to kick up a stone and split a windshield behind you. This law serves as a security measure for everybody on the road. Fender flares will likewise keep rocks from kicking up and hitting your own car or SUV, in this manner limiting scratches and scratches from the street.


Types of Fender Flares

Once you’ve decided that you require (or simply need!) a fender flares on your car fenders, the next stage is to find the style that fits with your car and your identity. There are many styles out there, and they pass by various names relying upon the maker. However, they always belong to one of these 3 categories. Most sets can without much of a problem be painted, and in some cases can be delivered to your doorstep pre-painted of any color.


OE Style Fender FlaresWhat Are Fender Flares - Main Advantages, Denver at The Metal Surgeon

OE Style fender flares are normally bought by clients hoping to give their car the upgraded stock look, or simply need to hide a little part of body rust or dents. Fender on a car with these types of flares are not made by the dealer but rather are intended to show the same “off the lot” styling. One point to understand is that some OE style fender flares that require drilling don’t use the same car fenders flares holes that are present on your car based on the flares that are preinstalled. This is an essential point to remember in case you’re replacing your OE flares.


Street Fender FlaresWhat Are Fender Flares - Main Advantages, Denver at The Metal Surgeon

Despite the fact that the size can vary, Street Flares usually have somewhat of a smaller size than OE style fender flares, giving it a more smooth, low-profile appearance while giving security around the fenders and wheel well. This is an awesome way to modify the fender on a car and make it look really unique as most of the car have OE style of flares.



Pocket/Bolt Style Fender Flares

What Are Fender Flares - Main Advantages, Denver at The Metal SurgeonFor the cars that want to be the dominator on the road, the Pocket/Bolt Style is fit for such abilities. These fender flares give a considerable amount of security and give an amazingly rough and extreme look. Cars with the bolted looks stand out amongst other cars on the road.