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The VW Bus Restoration Challenge

The VW Bus Restoration process is a challenge because the Volkswagen bus is an automotive symbol of all times. Even today it has been possessed by many of us for the love of it. It is still popular among people as it used to be in the initial years of its manufacture. It is easy for you to drive away in a beautiful VW bus after it has been restored. The Metal Surgeon has successfully undertaken projects on VW Bus Restoration of 1959 Panel Van, 1968 Volkswagen Bus Bay Window and 1970 Volkswagen Westfalia.


Our VW Bus Restoration challenge is a combination of our time, efforts, and knowledge of the auto restoration process.


The VW Bus Restoration Projects Undertaken 

  • VW Panel Van Restoration: With our expertise in the field of VW Bus Restoration, we converted a 1959 Volkswagen double door panel van to a 15 window deluxe VW Bus. To create the corner windows of the new panel van, we made use of a handmade jig. We used the original metal sheets extracted from the VW panel van body to make new window frames.
  • 1968 VW Bus Bay Window Restoration: The 1968 VW Bay Window arrived in our workshop in a not so appealing condition. There were a number of damages on the 1968 VW Bus. The front end of the bus was crushed due to an impact to the spare wheel of the vehicle. The driver’s side floor was completely disintegrated. The original trim of the VW bay window was damaged. There were numerous holes drilled on the bus for putting antennas and mirrors on it. Last but not the least the VW bus had rusted parts all over its body. The 1968 VW Bus Restoration process involved many changes on our part. We removed and replaced the Jalousie windows with the original VW window configuration. We brought into sight powder coated wheels and new German hubcaps with hand-painted VW logos. Our 1968 VW Bus Restoration challenge was accomplished with a fresh paint job.
  • 1970 VW Westfalia Bus Restoration: The 1970 VW Bus Restoration process did not involve many changes. The VW bus was in an overall fine shape except for a few rusted areas. We just revived the bus with limited restoration which includes rust repair, weather stripping, trim, and paint. There were some areas which required metal work such as doglegs, rocker panels, and rear corners. The new paint and weather stripping made the 1970 VW look brand new. We could get the original factory color by using PPG paint products. We got fiberglass repairs for introducing a pop top on the popular VW Westfalia.


Our VW Bus Restoration projects depend on the demands of our customers. Some of our VW Bus Restoration projects only ask for the metal work. The paint and the final assembly are done by the customers at their own garages. The Metal Surgeon is an auto restoration shop which caters to all your auto restoration needs including VW Bus Restoration services.