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The Right Restoration Shop: Your Search Ends Here

If you are searching a restoration shop for your classic car restoration project, you are at the right place. The Metal Surgeon is an automotive restoration shop that deals with all different kinds of classic restoration projects. We have undertaken various classic car restoration projects and have been able to deliver the best results. If you own a classic car and want to get it restored correctly, we are here to serve you. We have earned for ourselves the title of best auto restoration shop with years of expertise and diligence. We have been working on different types of classic cars with our dedicated team of skilled technicians for years.

Approaching a Restoration Shop

It is always a wise and an intelligent decision to choose an auto restoration shop rather than a local garage/ bodyshop. Here are a few reasons you might agree with-

  • Unlike a local garage, the staff members of an authorized car restoration shop are skilled and knowledgeable. Our technicians are trained and experienced to focus on every details during your classic car restoration.
  • Dealing with local garages can result in losing key parts, refinishing different from the factory, or skipping steps in the body work and paint process. These can increase the final cost of your restoration by having to redo steps, or not ending up with the factory correct car you had in mind. A reputable restoration shop will make sure the final outcome is the car of your dreams.
  • We will keep you updated with your classic car restoration project work. You will be informed about the progress of your classic car restoration since the very beginning of the project.


 Coordinating with the Restoration Shop

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It is very important to coordinate with a restoration shop to get your classic car restored in the best possible manner. To get the most value for your money spent on a classic car restoration project, ponder over a few things:

  • Know the Car: Having good knowledge about your car will help you in understanding the needs of your classic car restoration project.
  • Inspection: Inspection of the car is very important if you have to buy a classic car for restoration. An inspection reveals the common problems and damages before the advancement of your classic car restoration process.
  • Check out the Business: Bring your classic car to our auto restoration shop and check out our ongoing projects. You can also explore our completed projects here and satisfy yourself.
  • Planning: Once you skim through our completed and current projects, you can contact us to talk about your project. Planning your classic car restoration project with our specialists will help you sit peacefully during the whole restoration project.
  • Remain Updated: We will remain in touch with you during your classic car restoration project, through a photo folder, which will contain photos for each and every day your car was worked on. This allows you to follow along on the progress and see exactly what had been accomplished. You can also pay a visit to our restoration shop any time to see the progress of your classic car restoration project.

We are here to cater to all your car restoration needs ranging from routine car maintenance to full car restoration. We are proud to be the most trusted car restoration shop in Colorado.