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RAM Fender Flares In Englewood, Colorado

The Benefits of RAM Fender Flares

RAM Fender Flares In Denver, Colorado – Benefits:

RAM fender flares are a great accessory to add to your Dodge truck. Fender flares provide protection against dirt, mud, and debris that damages your truck’s body. You can also get RAM fender flares installed to give your truck a rugged stance.

To get the task done at affordable rates by skilled professionals, The Metal Surgeon is here to help. Not only fender flares, but we also offer complete auto restoration services, especially classic car restoration. To take a tour of our workshop and its working, view our completed projects.

There are several benefits of having RAM fender flares-RAM Fender Flares In Englewood, Colorado

  • Fender Flares Protect your Truck: Truck fenders give extra protection to your vehicle against mud kickback and debris. If you frequently take your Dodge off-road, then pebbles, rocks, and tree branches will attack your truck’s body. All these off-road materials damage the area behind your truck’s wheels. The RAM fender flares protect your truck against the debris and keep it safe and clean.
  • Fender Flares Give your Truck a Visual Appeal: Dodge RAM is a symbol of strength and fender flares add more strength to it. Dodge RAM fender flares add style to your truck by fitting perfectly. There are different styles of fender flares available in the market. If you want custom-built fender flares for your Dodge truck, we can build it at our workshop.
  • Fender Flares are Mandatory in Some States: Some states make it mandatory to get fender flares installed in automobiles with larger tires. The wheels that stick out from trucks need to be fully covered by truck fenders. By getting RAM fender flares installed, you make your truck become road legal as per your state’s guidelines.

To ensure fender flares provide full coverage to the tires, measure the gap between the fenders and tires. To identify the width of fender flares, use a tape to measure how far the truck fenders are from the tires. If you are doing the installation work on your own, choose truck fenders as wide as the measurement.

You can save your money and efforts by bringing your Dodge truck at our auto restoration shop in Denver.

RAM Fender Flares Affect the Mileage

Getting RAM fender flares installed in your truck will make it stand apart from other stock vehicles. Many Dodge owners are still concerned about how fender flares will affect the mileage of your vehicle. Along with enhancing the appearance of your truck, fender flares also affect its performance.

When the fender flares are installed, they have little impact on your truck’s aerodynamics that is negligible. There will be no negative impact on the truck’s turning radius as it is governed by suspension and tire width. Fender flares do not cause any rust issues in most cases. Still, you can take precautions by using rust inhibitors to protect the drilled areas of the fenders.

To avoid aesthetic or structural issues with your RAM fender flares, you need professional assistance. Bring your Dodge truck at our auto restoration to fulfill all your auto needs including RAM fender flares installation.

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