cover fender flares

Significance of Universal Fender Flares

Time to Get Universal Fender Flares

Universal fender flares are custom accessories used to upgrade the look of your car or truck. Your journeys are not always on smooth roads but also on patchy and irregular roads. When driving on uneven paths the road debris hitting the tires and car body turns you off. You can protect your vehicle by getting fender flares fitted on your next visit to The Metal Surgeon. We are an auto restoration shop which can design fender flares for your specific car or truck.



Purpose of Universal Fender Flares

The best part about universal fender flares is that they can be easily fixed in different cars and trucks. Fender flares form an important part of the exterior of your car or truck. They serve the following purposes-

  • Upgrading the Car’s look: The car enthusiasts are always interested in enhancing the look of their car especially an SUV. Putting in Fender flares is the perfect way to upgrade the overall look of your car. Fender flares make your car look stronger ready to take up the road challenges.
  • Guarding the Exterior of the Car: Fender flares serve the practical purpose of safeguarding the exterior of your car. They protect your car’s exteriors from dents and dings caused by kicked-up road debris and dirt. The fender flares keep your vehicle in an immaculate condition.
  • Provides Tire coverage: Fender flares are installed to provide tire coverage for off-road vehicles on jacked up wheels. They are fixed above the wheel well on all the four sides of your car.
  • Saves your car from Paint job: When you hit the dusty trails the rocks and other elements might affect your car’s paint. Fender flares save your money you might spend on getting the paint job done.

We are here to help you get rid of the rusted wheel wells and improve the look of your car. To get a deeper understanding of our services, view our completed projects.

The Right Time to Get Universal Fender Flares

Accidents are unforeseen circumstances in life which can cost you a lot. Although you have no control over them you can put little efforts to prevent severe damages. You can prevent the damages to your car body by regular servicing and maintenance. This way you also ensure the safety of you and your family during road trips.

You understand how important fender flares are to the protection of your vehicle. There is no right time to get your universal fender flares than the present. The aftermarket fender flares save huge costs by getting them is cheaper than the assembly line. If you purchase cars with pre-installed fender flares the price increase manifolds.

So it is best to invest in aftermarket fender flares which come in unique designs and styles. You can shop for universal fender flares and get the installation job by yourself. But for doing so you should have engineering skills and ample of time.

The Metal Surgeon has a team of experienced trained professionals to get your Jeep, Dodge RAM or any other vehicle in perfect shape.