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Antique Car Restoration

Making Antique Car Restoration Roadworthy

Antique car restoration project

Antique car restoration project is a dream project for those who love classic cars and their beauty. Many people who own a restored antique car take out their vehicle only once in a while. They have undertaken the auto restoration project to admire the antique car for the work of art it is.

You may come across numerous antique cars displayed in a classic car exhibition. If you are looking forward to an antique car restoration, you should look for both prestige and practicality.Best Antique Car Restoration Project In Denver, CO | The Metal Surgeon

When you spend your hard-earned money on the auto restoration of an antique car, it should be purposeful. Your antique car restoration project shall offer you a car that is roadworthy. You should be able to drive it to a nearby mall, grocery store or even for work.

The Metal Surgeon has potentially been involved in antique car restoration projects with the best outcome.

Modern Upgrades for Antique Car Restoration Project

If you aim at making your antique car roadworthy, add these modern upgrades to your auto restoration to-do list-

  • Electric Ignition: There’s a high chance your antique car has inbuilt points ignition system. You have to switch the coil on and off whenever required. But with the passage of time, the contact points deteriorate causing various mechanical problems. This makes the classic car inconvenient and unsafe to drive. When you take up the antique car restoration, it is wise to upgrade to an electric ignition system. It would make your classic car’s performance as reliable as any car of today.
  • Disc Brakes: Antique cars are likely to be equipped with drum brakes providing enough space to enhance stopping power. Drum brakes need regular cleaning and adjustment otherwise they get worn out quickly. It is better to upgrade to Disc Brakes as they are affordable, easy to install, and safer in the long-run.
  • Power Steering: Driving a car in the over-crowded streets of today is tough but it gets tougher without power steering. You may feel a class apart when navigating your antique car without the assistance of power steering. But it can be an overwhelming experience driving through the crowded streets without power steering. You can add a power steering upgrade when compiling the checklist for your antique car restoration.
  • Air Conditioned Interior: You can upgrade your antique car with a modern air conditioning system to drive cool. The antique cars of the past can have something like a fan that causes massive engine drag. Switching to air-conditioned interior can better your experience with the classic car after restoration.
  • Electric Engine Fan: Adding an electric engine fan upgrade to your antique car restoration to-do list is a good idea. It is an inexpensive and a smart choice to replace old mechanical engine fan in your classic car.

The Metal Surgeon offers you the free will to define the goals for your antique car restoration project. Our experts will work out the best auto restoration procedure that’s suitable for your budget.

Contact us to make your antique car restoration project come into play.