Importance of Car Fenders

Car Fenders are an important component in the body of your car. Car fenders are the complex sheet of metal covering the front and the rear wheels of your car. Fenders on a car are panels that extend from the front bumper to the car’s doors. Car fenders not just add style to your car but also act as a protective shield for the body of the car. The Metal Surgeon helps you in getting your car accessorized with the best metallic car fenders in town. We offer a variety of fender flares for cars, trucks, and SUVs which are designed to give a specific look.

Uses of Car Fenders

We can give you a number of reasons to get your car installed with fender flares at our auto restoration shop.

  • Car fenders limit the exposure of your car’s body and engine to external elements that are harmful.
  • Fenders flares are attached to ensure that both the body and engine have minimal contact with corrosive elements.
  • Car fenders provide safety to the driver and the passengers at the time of accidents or collisions. They are manufactured in a way to provide bend during front and side collisions.
  • Car fenders are designed to avoid wind resistance and make your car more aerodynamic.
  • Car fenders enhance the overall look of your car. Fender flares are available in distinctive designs in the market. Mostly you find universal fender flares, but you can get customized cars fenders to fit your car wheels.

Car Fender Installation                                                          

It is great if you know how to install fenders on a car. We are ready to take the burden off your shoulders by doing the job on your behalf. At The Metal Surgeon, we offer you the installation of superior quality fender flares on your car. We specialize in making car fenders which are known for durability. You can take a look at some of our completed projects wherein we replaced old fender flares with new ones. The customer satisfaction that we have gained over the years is a proof of reliable our services are.


Taking Care of Car Fenders

Once we get the car fenders installed, it is your responsibility to keep them looking their best. For that, you must know how to take good care of your car fenders. A few simple tips from us will help you in maintaining your car fenders-

  • Careful Driving: The driving style and speed impact condition of your car fenders. No matter how tough the car fenders are, you must be careful while driving on rough terrains. You must limit your speed on such roads which can cause damage to your car fenders.
  • Regular Check: You are always recommended to get your car fenders regularly checked at our auto restoration shop. If any damage found, we can fix it in just a matter of few minutes.
  • Cleanliness: A regular car wash will help fender flares remain in a good condition. This you can easily do at home. Begin with rinsing your car fenders with fresh water and then scrub gently to avoid any scratches.

Contact us today to upgrade your car with fender flares of the best quality metal.