Difference between Fender and Fender Flares

It is a fashion these days that all the cars on the road ought to have a fender attached to it. Not only does car fenders makes your car look more attractive, it also ensures that no dirt and pebbles bounce off from the tire to the car body. The need for variety amongst these car fenders has given rise to fenders like OE style, Street style, Pocket style etc. which suits different needs of the customers. A regular fender on a car won’t be a good fit for huge vehicles like SUVs and trucks. For these types of vehicles we have specially designed fenders called Fender Flares. Let us discuss all the differences between the two.

Fender on a car:

A Fender is the accessory of a car, truck or bike that surrounds the wheel properly. The basic function of car fenders is to keep dirt, pebbles and debris from being tossed into the air by the tire. Over time, the meaning of a fender on a car depends a lot on the place where it is fixed; fenders are on the front wheel while quarter panels are in the rearwheel (minusduallys which still describe the back as a “fender”). Tires made in factory, generally have an uncovered curve over the top of the tire. This is the place which is responsible to toss the debris in the air and hence it should be covered.



Fender Flares:

An extended form of the car fenders that gives extra coverage to extra-large tires. They look exactly the same like fender on a car, but fender flares are much bigger than the regular ones.

Fender Flares will keep a truck or SUV in consistence with Vehicle Equipment Laws, which brings down the probability of Police fines. They likewise help hold the resale value by deflectingpebbles and trash far from the vehicle’s body. This reduces the chance of any marks on the car body thus, reducing the cost of body painting. By putting Fender Flares you are securing your investment and clinging to tire coverage laws.

A fender flare additionally gives you the benefit of styling your vehicle for a one of a kind stylish and flamboyant look. Most fender flares come prepared to paint out of the crate, which enables you to style your vehicle in a wide range of ways. Other than painting, you can likewise Line-X, Rhino line, or kevlar coat them.



Fender Flares arrive in an assortment of styles, from low profile to huge and striking ones. Most fender flares don’t require any cutting or drilling, and holes that are already provided in the vehicle to affix them safely. Fender Flares are ideal for extraordinary big wheels that need all the coverage they can get. These fender flares are created with so much perfection that they fit well with any type of SUV and trucks, and provides maximum coverage to the car. You can take a look at these amazing fender flares on The Metal Surgeon anytime