Classic Car Restoration Process: Bringing Classic Cars Back to Life

Classic Car Restoration Process: Bringing Classic Cars Back to Life

The job of classic car restoration process is a meticulous task yet fascinating. Driving a brand new shiny classic car is no more a dream now for those who love to own vintage cars. Even today there are many who are enthralled by the sight of classic cars in the streets. If there’s a classic car standing in your backyard as a piece of scrap, The Metal Surgeon is here to help you.

Classic Car Restoration Process For All Cars, CO at The Metal Surgeon

We are the best car restoration shop in Colorado who will help you throughout the auto restoration of your vehicle. We offer a wide range of classic car restoration services to our customers. There is a qualified 5 member team that works together on each classic car restoration project undertaken by us.

Our auto restoration services include metal fabrication, welding, paint, mechanical work, and full car body finishing. The classic car restoration projects undertaken by us are done with the utmost precision that brings classic cars back to life.


Classic Car Restoration Services

It is very important for you to know the various offerings classic car restoration projects. We at The Metal Surgeon thrive to make our customers aware about our work so that everything remains transparent. Before beginning the classic car restoration project of your vehicle we tend to build the trustworthy relationship with you. Given below is a brief account of the services provided at The Metal Surgeon.

  • Disassembly of the Classic car: The first step of the classic car restoration process is the disassembly of the car parts. The metal surgeon has enormous space for your vintage car to be disassembled into parts. The camera plays a vital role in the car restoration process. It takes a few days to disassemble your classic car into parts completely. The time taken in disassembly depends on the different levels of classic car restoration.
  • Media blasting of the Classic car parts: We take up media blasting, to strip off the rust and paint from the car parts without damaging the base material. By the use of Media Blasting we save time and hard work involved in cleaning the parts during classic car restoration.
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding: We are an expert in metal fabrication for your classic car restoration project. Being the best auto restoration shop we provide customized classic car restoration services. Simply put, we can build a complete car body from the metal itself. We also specialize in welding of different types such as AC/DC TIG welding, oxygen acetylene gas welding, and MIG welding.
  • Painting the Car post Restoration: You need not worry about getting your classic car painted because we take care of that as well. The metal surgeon promises complete paint service which is done by our quality paint expert.

We are constantly delivering customized automotive restoration services to our various customers. If you are willing to have the best classic car restoration experience for your vintage or classic car contact us today.