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Car Fender (2)

Car Fenders: Giving your Car a Rugged Look

Owning a fender car indicates how prized a possession it is to you. The fender on a car gives it a more rugged look and makes it stand apart. Many people own the same car model but what makes your car distinct are the small add-ons. Fender flares are one of the many upgrades that you may opt for your vehicle. There are many upgrade options to choose from but you must get the important ones.

The metal surgeon helps you in getting the job done with great finesse. Bring your car or any automobile to our auto restoration shop and we shall do the rest.

The perfect pair of Car Fenders

Getting fender flares installed to your vehicle is one of the topmost upgrades preferred by almost everyone. Accentuating the look of your car with fenders enhances the look and provides protection from various road hazards.

We design car fenders in a way to deflect road debris and rocks away from your vehicle. If you own a truck or an SUV then the fender flares provide extra coverage to their large tires. The car fenders are differently styled depending on the model of the car.

If you want a sleek look for your car, you can go for low profile designs. You can get noticeably bigger car fenders by choosing extended fender flares. To give your vehicle a more rugged look you should get pocket-style fender flares.

When you choose us for auto restoration we make sure your car gets the best metallic car fenders.


Installing the Car Fenders

It is possible to install the car fenders at home but we can help you with that. You need perfect fitted fender flares on your car. We have the precision and experience to install the car fenders with diligence. You have many types of car fenders available in the market to choose from. But we take this responsibility seriously and design metal fender flares to install in your car.

Installing fender flares is an important part of the various auto restoration projects that we take up. View some of our many successful projects today.

The fender flares installation process is simple which takes not much of our time. After most of the auto restoration work of a vehicle is complete the fender flares are installed. We customize your car fenders with a paint of the exact color of your car. Your car looks more put together and gets a metallic shine.

The new metallic car fenders are laid against the body of the car to make sure it fits correctly. If your car didn’t have fenders at all we drill holes to fix the new fender flares. When the holes are drilled the car fenders are fixed with the help of the bolts.

We keep on updating you about the ongoing progress of your vehicle’s restoration project.

The next time you plan to upgrade your car with fender flares contact us to accomplish the task.