5 Easy Steps to replace your Car Fender

One of the most important segments in a car is the car fender. Situated on both the driver and passenger sides of a vehicle, car fenders are the boards that stretch out from the front bumper to the car’s door. Car owners are constrained to change their fenders for various reasons. The primary reason depends on need. Car fenders damages are so common that the term “fender bender” is always associated with petty accidents. The second reason is for the visual appeal of the car. No one would want a faulty body part to stay on their body and deteriorate the beauty of the car.

5 Easy Steps To Replace Car Fender - Denver, CO at The Metal Surgeon

Replacing fender on a car is not that easy. But following the below steps will make your work comparatively easier:


Step 1. Check the Car Fender for Shipping Damage

It may appear obvious, yet watching that a car fender has not been harmed amid transportation is the primary check when you are buying new car fenders. A car fender buyer should carefully examine the packaging and the fender as soon as it arrives just to take note of any damages before you put them on your car. Harm to a fender can incorporate curves, dents and punctures. Buyers should make sure that any accessories that were supposed to be included in the packaging was included before mounting it on the car.



Step 2. Removing the Old Car Fender

Fenders are connected safely to the body of a car, so you should invest some energy removing an old fender before another one can be added to the vehicle. This activity is less demanding for car owners who are basically changing their car fenders for aesthetic purposes, since but it is pretty difficult to remove damaged fender on a car. For such car owners who are changing a fender on a car due to a crash, this assignment may be significantly more troublesome. This is basically because the clips and bolts are difficult to remove if the crash damages the proper shape of the old car fender.


Step 3. Make the Perfect Fit for the New Car Fender

New, out-of-the-case fender will rarely be an ideal fit without a few changes being made to the fender itself or the body of a car. To avoid any difficulty while attaching the car fenders on the car body, car owners should set aside some time to make sure that the car fenders fit the car body perfectly.


Step 4. Append the New Car Fender

The only way to know that a car fender has been modified to fit perfectly on the car is by attaching the car fender to the car body. This enables car owners to make more efforts of grinding if the car fender is not a perfect fit. With the fender joined, owners can likewise check the door and hood clearances to ensure they don’t hit the fender when they are opened or shut.


Step 5. Include the Finishing Touches To Your Car Fender5 Easy Steps To Replace Car Fender - Denver, CO at The Metal Surgeon

Since the car fender will be always connected to the car’s body, car owners should complete the activity by attaching any detachments that they removed. Like headlights, which were detached amid the fender replacement process should be fastened properly. Door and hood clearances should be rechecked since any slight movements amid the fender replacement process will affect the space allowed between these parts. An angle die grinder can be used to somewhat shave off any extra surface on the car fender if necessary.