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Triumph TR3 mouth panel completely metal finished

1959 Triumph TR3 restoratrion: Part 2 – Mouth Panel

This 1959 Triumph TR3 project was assigned to us by Dukes Garage in Westminster, Colorado.  The post on part one of this restoration shows before photos of most of the panels.

After receiving the panels back from media blasting, this next set of photos shows the metal restoration process from beginning to end resulting in a metal finished primer-ready panels.  The first panel we tackled was the front mouth sheet metal.  The main damage was to the lower part of the panel, where at some point the Triumph TR3 had taken a hit.  The remaining damage was due to being exposed to the natural elements.  Follow the photos as we resurrect the unique focal point of this fine automobile.

Planning out raised sections of new lower mouth panel.
Forming raised section with jig chasing technique
Grafting in new lower mouth panel
Flanged edge that adjoins to body was rotted away


Patterning up from the opposite side to replicate to the decayed side.


Making new section of the flange with guidance from the template
Tig welding new section in
Metal finishing with the aid of dollies, spoon, and files
New section completely metal finished ready for primer

Photos of finished Triumph TR3 mouth panel

View from the right


Mouth panel metal finished ready for the build.
Triumph TR3 mouth panel completely metal finished