Check out these pictures of a restoration of a rare Volkswagen part!

Below shows a poorly repaired filter, this is a rare part, so it was worth restoring.  To restore this component, I first cut the surface off and used as a pattern to transfer the detail onto a wood buck that I made.  This is an example of simple, cheap, and easy tooling that took me about half an hour to make.  I then took a blank piece of material (for this project just mild steel) and jig-chased into the buck definition.    From there I tig-welded the new piece onto the original body.  Then all it needed was metal finishing and a little brazing to seal the center pipe, so oil doesn’t leak.  The customer was overjoyed that it could be rescued.


custom volkswagen restoration

Poorly restored part as I received it, and the jig and fresh sheet metal


Custom Volkswagen restoration

Chasing into the jig

Volkswagen Restoration



custom volkswagen restoration


custom volkswagen restoration



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