Automotive Restoration Services Provided

The Metal Surgeon has a work shop located at 3852 S Kalamath St, Englewood, Colorado (Denver metro area) that contains equipment necessary for a complete ‘frame off’ automotive restoration.

Our Denver shop does work on classic cars, vintage cars, hot rods, street rods, trucks, muscle cars, European sports cars (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.), even bicycles and motorcycles, you name it!

We would like to help with your restoration project by providing complete service from disassembly, media blasting, metal work, body work, through paint and assembly, or just metal work.

We provide the following automotive restoration services:

Metal fabrication – aluminum and steel

  • Custom or ‘one off’ panels
  • Complete car body build (body in white) in aluminum or steel
  • Custom shape work
  • Recreating or copying an original panel (for those panels/fenders/etc that you cannot buy reproductions)


  • AC/DC TIG welding (aluminum or steel)
  • Oxygen acetylene gas welding
  • MIG welding


  • Chassis building
  • Rivet work, solid riveting aluminum, copper, steel, etc.
  • All  chassis mechanical work – brake/suspension conversions and rebuilds
  • Electrical – installation or problem solving
  • Engine rebuilds – we send out to specialists but will manage it for you

Precision body finishing

  • Metal finishing – eliminate body filler and rescue original panels
  • Lead work – we have over 20 years experience lead loading


  • Complete paint service by our Pebble Beach quality painter

Custom automotive restoration services

If you can imagine it, we can build it out of metal.  We have completed:


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antique cars, automotive repair, automotive restoration, car body repair, classic cars, metal working, restoration, vintage cars

Project Management

Whether your car is a daily driver or show quality concourse vehicle, we can cater to your automotive restoration budget.

We like to keep our clients informed of every step that is taken on their cars.  Our primary goal is to get your car repaired or customized in line with your vision.  Regular assessments and appraisals of the agreed work remaining will take place at the interval you feel comfortable with.  Clients are always welcome to drop by the shop and take a look.


Shop rate is $70/hour.  Materials and parts that we purchase are marked up 8%.

Clients are invoiced monthly (bi-weekly is available as well, if you prefer).  Each invoice is detailed explaining every task undertaken and performed.  Invoices are accompanied by photos documenting work completed.  Photos are taken daily of each project.


Contact The Metal Surgeon in Denver for more information (email: or phone us at 303-761-4884!  Look under the “About” page at the top for more information.

Denver Restoration Work Shop Location

3852 S Kalamath St, Englewood, Colorado

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Automotive Restoration: Handcrafted and custom panel work for your classic car